Earth Day Blues

Rest well, Miss Guinea.

Well, my biggest accomplishment for Earth Day was to comfort, then bury, an orphaned guinea pig. I don’t know if she were abandoned or escaped. Patch (Sissypoo’s cat) tried to care for her over the last day and a half, but we were unable to catch her until it was too late when Sissypoo found her lying on her side and shivering this morning. We had a home with friends waiting for her, but she just couldn’t make it. 

I held her as she passed over and tried to offer comfort and warmth in those last moments. Quin helped with the brief funeral after the drizzling rain took a long enough break for me to dig a grave.  So, Miss Guinea will never be cold, hungry, or scared again, resting in the arms of Mother Earth and blanketed with little purple flowers from a little girl who really wished Mommy had brought a live animal home but was willing to give love nonetheless. 

Lord and Lady, bless the four-leggeds and those who love and tend to them.  We shall all return to our Mother someday, may we find our way there knowing love, even if only at the end. 



One thought on “Earth Day Blues

  1. My heart breaks with yours and Quinn’s for the precious guinea pig who was too weak to survive. I am grateful that this little creature found its way into your warm and caring arms and felt loved and comforted as she passed through the veil onto the other side. You have a compassionate heart, and a tender child to provide a funeral and burial on a rainy day to honor the life of such a small stranger that made her way into your hearts, though for a brief time. It mattered greatly for whatever that creature felt but couldn’t express. Truly fitting for Earth Day, I would certainly agree.
    Loveand hugs to you all!

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