“Would it pain you more to walk on water than to wear a crown of thorns?”


Voice of a Generation of Rockers…  Chris, your absence will not go overlooked.

*Title from the lyrics to “Jesus Christ Pose” by SoundGarden*

Article here:  http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/music/chris-cornell-dead-possible-suicide-was-guiding-force-grunge-music-n761476

I am simply reeling.  The news was on the local rock channel as we were driving to Dawn’s 8th Grade Graduation.  That voice, that face, that emotional electricity trapped in the body of a man… gone forever.  (Yes, whilst my compatriots were drooling over that sweet baby face of Vedder, twas Cornell that gave me eargasms.)

What an roller coaster of feelings…  grief and cultural loss, just as my pride is swelling for my baby heading on to high school with so many honors.  She even received an entirely unexpected Emerging Writer recognition from the local University’s Writing Project.  My heart grew a bit in that moment (sometimes I am a bit of a Grinch).  The teacher presenting the award did a huge build up about how it was such an honor and that the University knew what they were doing when they picked their recipient… so many boys had received honors, I just sat there wondering which of Dawn’s male classmates had caused such a fuss… then they called her name!  Awesome.

This has been an odd week all together.  Thought I had met someone who would be helpful with my financial woes of the month (sincerely, I have been doing wonderful keeping on top of my responsibilities, but things have started falling apart such as car tires, coffee pots, internet) then the dark curtain fell as I called the bank to see what was up. The check he deposited was counterfeit. Really?  I just want a hand up on a tight month, not a trip back to jail.  He has texted me today, but I am still VERY wary.  Do you blame me?

And since this seems to be a highlights of the last 48 hours post… Have you seen the series “Dear White People” on Netflix?  The movie didn’t thrill me; the best parts were in the trailers; but, this series is impressive.  I start chapter 3 tonight.  I am hooked.  Praying it does not let me down.  Side Note:  I watch too much TV.

Quin has been a handful this evening.  She was pretty much angelic all day until time for Dawn’s special event…  slow spiral into madness.  Eventually, all was well, but not before a spanking and huge scene.  Geezle pete.  She went to bed quietly with our nightly chapter from the Oz books (but my Kindle app is hating – had to reboot phone mid-bedtime story).

Let me leave you with this…  Chris Jericho (former Wrestler and current rock singer) reflecting on Chris Cornell (totally had to share this because Jericho read my mind with his references to Jesus Christ Pose):

At the end of that video, you can click on some other very relevant Cornell stuff and tributes.  I had to stop watching for the welling tears blurring my view.

And, as Jericho stated, stop what you are doing and listen to Jesus Christ Pose right NOW! (Warning: Video is very flashy/choppy and might not be good for anyone with seizure disorder… so, you should probably turn up the volume and not look at the screen.)

Wander around YouTube a bit and experience the greatness that was Chris Cornell. Maybe someday I will be able to share my thoughts on suicide.  Not today.  Too soon.