Summer Ear Candy

Not posting so much because of non-stop (or seemingly so) summer activities.  I have re-discovered the joy of podcasts (no apple product needed, thank you very much) and audiobooks/playaways.  Participating in the summer reading program at the local library and going to their special events for children has been a bundle of fun… later today is a magic show!

But I still exist, I promise.  You might see me at the Taste of Richmond and free music at the Richmond Centre on Friday, or the car show on Saturday…  if it is free summer fun, I might just make a personal appearance!  I did get to camp this past weekend at a friends’ farm and the weather was perfect for me.  Quin was a bit off the hook but got better as the weekend progressed.  Sadly, there are no other camping plans made for the season… but celebrating Summer Solstice on Monday with my learning circle.

If you are also into podcasts, anything by the How Stuff Works crew is great, such as “Stuff You Missed in History Class”, “Stuff You Should Know”, and “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know” (yes, I love a good conspiracy).  I am also giving “CoffeeBreak Spanish” a whirl to see if it can improve my horrible Spanglish.

Bright Summer Blessings to my beloved readers.  Let me know if you have any favorite podcasts or audiobooks in the comments… then I can find more awesomeness to consume!  It has been rainy quite a bit lately, so we need something to thrill our brains while we crochet the day away.