Peas in a Pod

Or thick as thieves?

Dawn, Quin, and Hope using Kingdom Hearts for morning cartoon fix.

So nice to have Hope home, even metaphorically. Or is that figuratively?  Nonetheless, it has been long time in coming and brings me great joy to see the younger Charmed Ones altogether and having fun. 

How funny is it that all this time I could have been calling my four surviving girls Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige?  Probably for the best that I didn’t; too confusing in the long run. 

This was a pleasant start to a Monday, tho I am still very tired from all the driving yesterday to pick up Hope at the airport. Wishing you all a wonderful day and week. 



2 thoughts on “Peas in a Pod

    • I was thinking Prue, then go down by age. But Dawn seemed put out to be Piper, so it was for the best that I didn’t use that name scheme.
      I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t think about getting pictures at your house. Will have to make up for that soon. Love you!


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