Support Band Boosters!

Blatant plug… If you shop at Kroger and use the Kroger customer rewards card, please consider supporting Madison Central Band Boosters.  Dawn and all her buddies would really appreciate that.

If you don’t know how, here is a little tutorial on signing up to support your favorite charity (or band boosters):

First, go to and sign into your account or create one if you haven’t already.

Second, go to “Community” and “Kroger Community Rewards”.

kroger step 2

Third, click on “Enroll Now”…


Fourth, make sure your Kroger Card is linked to account and update your personal information, then at bottom of page under “Community Rewards” click on “Enroll”.

Fifth, you will need to search for your organization… I searched for Madison Central.

kroger step 5

Sixth, and lastly, select your organization and click “Enroll”.

Done and Done.

kroger finale

Thank you for your support of your favorite community charity!!!  If not us, then someone, don’t waste your rewards into thin air.  Love and light.