Witch Powers

A.K. and I have a running joke about “witch powers” because of a series of stories she read where the author chose to state the heroine used her “witch powers” to accomplish her goal rather than being creative enough to explain what and how she did what she did. What exactly were her witch powers and how did she apply them?  Frustrating for any reader, but more so if you are a magical or magickal practitioner. 

So, I have been pondering today. What are my witch powers, a disenchanted crafting cradle witch? What category do I fill were I to have need to explain myself to others?

Here are my thoughts…

I am connected to Fire. It is the element I work with the most. Usually candles, since larger fires tend to want more than one person’s input. My magic is that of Transmutation of Energies. I am just now making efforts to learn transformative magic, specifically herbals/botany… thus needing to literally get my hands dirty. I tend to live in my head, not the world around me, and I do sincerely believe in the paranormal and supernatural and that I have the power to affect both. All this makes for some awkwardness in conversations with my more logical, less spiritually inclined, friends. I am sure more than one considers me their “kooky” friend.

I have a touch of the “sight” that is neither easy nor controllable. My maternal family calls it “having a feeling”.  Many times it appears as prophetic or implied-meaning dreams for me and makes me nervous about sleeping and obviously contributes to my insomnia.

I self identify as a modern “Halloween Witch”, minus green skin, but I am not opposed to painting my face if the situation called for it. I am not offended by Hollywood, by and large. Much could have been done better, but as far as “flatlanders” (a.k.a. muggles) work goes, my panties rarely get twisted. I am just happy people see witches and other creatures as entertainment and not targets for burning, lynching, or other forms of death and/or dismemberment.

I feel my calling is for comfort, especially in the face of death. I may not always have the right words or know symbolic rituals, but Death and I are old friends. That is hard to explain.

What are your Witch Powers? What do you still want to learn? What do you want to share? Did I answer my own questions? 

My self confidence, or lack thereof, backs me away from sharing more. But here I make effort.