End of an Era



Spring Forward

Not quite Spring yet, but time to move our clocks tonight… if you live in a place that does the daylight savings game.

Daylight Savings: a “time-honored” tradition to see who is going to be late for work Monday because they went thru Sunday in a mental fog.
Sure, we get that “saved” (read lost) hour back in the Autumn, but what is the point?
Stay warm and on time. Mahalo.

So, I took a quiz

As a witch, it would have been awesome to say I grew up in New England. But, nope, only my taste buds think I am from there.

Kentucky is more like New Scotland or New Ireland… but close enough, I suppose.

Been a rough couple weeks. Car is running again and stomach seems to be over its problems. I am still very out of sorts and glad to have seen my therapist after too long of a break.

Be well, my friends and readers.


New public group on kik #polyky

I took the time to figure out how to make a public group on kik today. It is group chat for polyamorous Kentuckians over 21 years of age. Hoping it will help me meet local like minded people. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Tap the link to join my group “Poly Kentucky 21+” on Kik! kik.me/g/hFsZUuUI0_-ivPdBYmxzus1w7OA

Thank you for taking the time to read this public service announcement.