Finally have Garden Party Pics up!

After months of carrying these pics around on my phone, I finally have them posted to this blog.  I just made an entire “Garden Party” page; so, if you are reading this from a computer, you will see the link at the top; otherwise, you can find it here:

I’m not sure why my paragraph breaks and other visual elements were not as I wanted.  I tweaked the appearance as much as I knew how.  Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts.  It is nice to feel a little accomplished on a day that did not end as I had anticipated, but a fruitful day nonetheless.



Night out… with Zoe Speaks

Got to see my fav band at Richmond Centre tonight.

One of the best ways to remember my baby bro on this anniversary of his passing is to find my internal happy spot and revel in it.

May you all find blessing in the soft moments.


Why I Miss VHS Rental Stores

Wanted to share this link. It really brought back memories.

Not sure when my comment will make it thru moderation, but here is what I shared with the author:

I was 13, going on 14, when I discovered a one room VHS rental shop. It was literally walking distance from my rural Kentucky home (USA) and after I became customer number one, I was offered opportunity to help out in exchange for free rentals. My first real job was cleaning shelves, rewinding and restocking the tapes, and signing up members and organizing membership cards (a box of 3×5 index cards, all hand written). It wasn’t a legal job and I wasn’t allowed to handle money, but what a great experience. I had never heard of Evil Dead or the Emerald Forest before. The world of B flicks spread open before my eager eyes. I learned a love of movies, responsibility, and organization from that first non-paying job and it shaped the person I became. And I still have a huge crush on Bruce Campbell. ❤ And after fighting with a Redbox machine with non-responsive screen to rent Truth or Dare, I longed for a Blockbuster or hole-in-the-wall rental shop. Thank you for sharing your memories. Mahalo.

Garden Source Spiritual Center Council and Fellowship postponed to Sunday, August 26th

Come join Garden Source Spiritual Center, Inc., Sunday, August 26, 2018, at 1084 Whipple Court in Lexington, Kentucky (Employment Solutions building).

Council meeting at 2:30 PM. Fellowship and potluck at 5 PM. Topic: Upcycling grocery bags using crochet.  Bring size “N” or other large, strong crochet hook, plastic grocery bags, and scissors to learn hands on and take project home.

Bring a dish for the potluck if you are able. Looking forward to seeing you there!

[Edit: changed meeting date from 12th to 26th due to unforeseen scheduling conflict of meeting space.  Apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.]