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Project Pagan Enough is a movement to encourage pagans, and those of like mind, to react with kindness, intelligence, and poise in situations involving religion, practice, dogma, etc.

Project Pagan Enough

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Witch’s Jar–witchcraft-spells-wiccan.jpg
The above link shows an example of a Witch’s Jar. It is not exactly how I learned, but a good suggestion to start.

Any sealable jar or bottle will do. Renew, reuse, recycle… peanut butter jars have so many uses… I used a mason jar because it was what I had at the time and I like glass.

This is a spell that takes time. I began mine last year when purchase of our house was complete. The purpose was to create a protective talisman for our family, home and property. I finished yesterday on the one-year anniversary of signing all that paperwork. 

So, below are some of the things I included inside the jar; what you include needs to have meaning to you, not just random items. Sharp things are a must so as to ward off ill intentions. Some part of your body (hair, skin, blood, urine, etc.) is a must to bond the jar to you (doesn’t have to be urine…). To my knowledge, those are the only two unbendable rules. Opinions vary; follow your instincts and do what thou Will.

1. Nails, screws, pins, broken glass, and any small sharp objects found on the property or in my travels. I like found items, seems they are drawn to you when there is a need.

2. Salt, sage, bay leaves, rosemary… What strikes your fancy or has power or meaning for you: salt and sage for protection, rosemary for remembrance, and bay leaves because they symbolize yummy home-cooked meals.

3. Scented candle wax… mine was from a candle received as Yule gift. When it would burn no more, I  added remnants to the jar because the smell was comforting and had been filling the house for some time.

4. Bits of yarn and ribbon of all colors from my various projects… adds a touch of chaos, but also love.

5. Menstrual blood, urine, and rain water.

I filled the jar (not halfway) with the solid objects over the course of the year. Tucked in tampon from my last moon. [Sorry if this is gross or offensive to some. If that turns you off, or you are male, pricking a finger to add blood is fine… or just don’t use blood at all… this is YOUR jar.] Then yesterday, I filled in all the empty space with what urine I collected from that first morning release (the timing is meaningful to me). Topped it off with rain water, then closed it up for good. Sealing with wax not required, but could add a layer of protection. 

When all was completed, I  buried it on the property in a place not likely to be disturbed, then spoke from my heart to the Lord and Lady to keep our home and those in it safe and surrounded by love. And I was sure to say, “Thank You.” Manners count.

Have you ever made a Witch’s Jar? What would you have done differently or the same? I hope this helps folks find a method meaningful to them and keeps this knowledge passing to future generations. 


R.I.P. Uncle Bucky


Raymond Buckland

Of Medford, September 18, age 84. Beloved husband of Elaine P. (Curran). Loving father of Raymond J. and his wife Robin Buckland of Lynn and Patricia M. Collins of Medford. Cherished grandfather of Michael and Kathleen Collins and Sean Buckland. Visiting hours will be in the Beals-Geake-Magliozzi Funeral Home, 29 Governors Avenue, MEDFORD, Wednesday from 4 to 8 PM. Funeral service will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations in Raymond’s memory may be made to Wingate at Reading Nursing Home, Resident Activities, 1364 Main Street, Reading, MA 01867. WWII Air Corps Veteran.

This came from Boston Globe obituaries. 

I am just learning of this and processing.


Rescue attempt 

Thank you, dearest Honey Bunny, for helping to rescue my aloe babies and elderberry. 

All the aloe… Big Daddy (in gray pot) is now the tiniest, starting life anew.

Leaving them out tonight moon bathe, despite the clouds. Hoping for the best. 


Full Moon Ritual

My Learning Circle had a potluck and full moon ritual tonight. Quin attended because she was on fall break and didn’t have to worry about school tomorrow. 

This was our very simple altar.

The bowl to the left had a bit of dirt in the bottom as a heat insulator and the bowl on the right was filled with water and a pinch of salt that Quin and I took outside to bless under the light of the moon.

I set the perimeter of our circle with my athame (unsharpened ritual knife), lit the center candle, then greeted the directions/elements and dual aspects of the divine as I lit each representative candle. [Note: there is both lighter and matches present in case one failed, but I used the matches because I enjoy the smell.]  

The working started with the writing of what you need to release on a small piece of paper, setting it on fire with center candle, then dropping it gently in bowl with dirt to finish burning. Then speaking aloud, “I release you.” Finally, wash your hands of what you have just released in the moon charged water… literally washing away that which no longer has a place or purpose in your life. You could release people, things, memories, ailments, anything that no longer belongs with you.

Finish up by thanking the spirits/elements/deities present… “Stay if you will, go if you must,” as you extinguish each representative candle. Speak, “Blessed be,” then blow out or extinguish center candle. 

“The circle is open, but unbroken. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.”

We then took a food offering, the ashes/dirt, and moon water outside and gave it back to the Earth with thanks. When I got home, I relit the candles to let them finish out… I dislike leaving tealights partially burned. 

If you do try this ritual, let me know… there is still time to benefit from the energy of this full moon (and always future ones). Do be super cautious working with so much fire. And never be embarrassed to use your moon water as fire extinguisher… the Gods understand. 

Lady Lilith had her Samhain decor out. This piece is my favorite.


Candied Ginger Root Nirvana

Wanted to reblog this to find it easily. Can’t wait to try the recipe! Mahalo.

Green Magick

Have you ever made candied Ginger root?  It is so worth the trouble.  I promise it is just like the sugared ginger root found on the health food aisle for $5.99 in that very small package.  Only, think way cheaper, fresher, better and more of it.

About 1 1/4 lbs. fresh Ginger root

This is a great time of the year to buy Ginger root as you will most likely still find the spring root, which is tender, juicier and has fewer “hairs” in it.  But I make this treat for holiday neighbor gifts, too, in the dead of winter, with wrinkly ginger root.  It is always good, no matter what.  The roots you select will ideally be very firm, with tight, smooth skins, because they will yield more.  This recipe calls for a pound of root, approximately three large “hands.”   I always hope there is extra root just because…

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