22 years

Missing my angel baby, Viviane, and so thankful for my rainbow children. It has been a good day, even with a bit of the blues.


World Disability Day 2020

Well, friends, I had no idea that this day of recognition existed… apparently since 1992. I tripped into Twitter today and found so many uplifting posts (a rarity indeed).

Here is a link for more info: https://idpwd.org/event/idpwd2020/




I hope this finds you well and having a happy day. Mahalo.

Blessed Samhain 2020

And Happy Halloween.  We had a wonderful night around the fire with family and part of our Circle, socially distanced Samhain ritual, and mulled cider. It was so good to see faces that I have missed so long.

I hope each of you were able to spend time with a loved one today. This Blue Moon Samhain did not disappoint (and I didn’t miss trick or treat too terribly). Just have to gear up to lead Samhain discussion during Zoom church in the morning. Fingers crossed.

Stay warm and don’t lose hope just yet. We are a resilient species. This New Year holds no surprises, we must stay our course, until we can hug each other once again.


Van Halen was my Rock gateway drug

And my world would not have been the same without them. Eddie Van Halen has passed today at the age of 65 from a long battle with cancer.

My love and tears go out for his family, friends, and multitude of fans. Eddie is bringing his unstoppable riffs and monster chops to that amazing big band in Rock-and-Roll Heaven. I once considered him a good choice for Dad before I knew my biological father and had yet to be adopted. Seems I made a great choice, my imaginary Dad was an amazing Dad in real life to his son, Wolf.

My heart hurts. If you feel moved to, please light a candle with me tonight for his Spirit and his loved ones.