We are all poorly cast character actors in a choose-your-own-adventure style sit-dram (situation drama).  Couldn’t even be lucky enough to have landed in a sit-com.  

But we can hope for better choices. Or skilled writers take over before we destroy everything in ignorance and short-sightedness. 

Purple blade of grass. In reverse. It is all about me. I am a blade of grass supporting my solar system. It is all about you, supporting your solar system. We are in the same universe, but probably not the same galaxy. Our peaceful coexistence would be optimal, but each solar system has to look out for number one. It has to be all about them. That is surviving. 

Don’t blame me if your orbit is screwed.



Madison County Public Library 

I love you. 

Did it start raining? Check out an umbrella.  Need a bike lock? Check one out to use while at the library. Need a guitar or ukulele for lessons or practice? Check one out!

But most awesome of all…. free hot chocolate on a particularly blustery day. Fantastic.


Tree Lighting 2017

We actually made it out to the city tree lighting for the first time due to Dawn being in the Christmas Parade with Color Guard. Saw old friends and had a blast until Quin’s belly ache cut the evening short.



A special treat was the reading of the “Night Before Christmas” poem just before the lighting. Quin (now also known as Rosa since she wants to have that as her YouTube name) filmed it all (her idea) to share.

Grab a cocoa and pull up a chair…

And to all a good night. 


When is Paganism not Paganism?

Agreed. Mahalo.


From Emma Porter: “what Capitalism tries to hide from the seeker, is that Paganism is free.”

When it’s paganism with a small p, that’s when.

What can that possibly mean? Well, let me try and explain. Recently in a well known pagan fb group (at least well known in good old Blighty), I stumbled upon a discussion on what Paganism means to the individual in terms of deity and beliefs. I was struck by a response that seemed to be quite popular, and it was along the lines of having atheist beliefs but living the pagan lifestyle.

This is when paganism is not Paganism, at least to me. Is this what our spirituality has become? A lifestyle choice? Online debates about the reality of deity? Oh no, hell no!

Surely as Pagans, the Earth, nature herself, is sacred. You can feel it, can’t you, when you’re outside in the wild…

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Watch “Inmates Enroll in Crochet Program” on YouTube

This story is 5 years old or older [has been on YouTube that long].

Hey, Department of Corrections, we can do this everywhere.  Charity programs all over the world need free hats, scarves, socks, gloves, blankets, and literally anything that can be knitted or crocheted for cold weather protection items.

I challenge you to do this for charity and set up more traditional work programs to help with rehabilitation and reintegration.

Use you noggins and stay away from corporate governance. You are caretakers of a portion of our society that are still human, need love and respect and direction.

We can all do better.


(Dear readers, if you are cold and could use a scarf or hat, or other clothing, please contact me at

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