About Me?

Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Lover, Friend, Reverend, Felon, Crocheter (hooker?), and blossoming Human Being, just for starters, more as I continue to blossom, I’m sure.

40 – something… I just stop counting at 40 and live from there, eh?

Inter-religious Pagan-Christian born and raised in border states, so I have never been sure if I am a Yankee, Southerner, or some strange amalgamation of both. Baptised in the Church of the Nazarene a few decades ago, currently member of a Unitarian-Universalist congregation.  Ordained minister who loves to officiate at weddings thanks to the Universal Life Church.

“Cradle Witch” – I like that term so much better than “hereditary” or “legacy” or some such.  First heard the term “cradle witch” in reference to the character of Anne Hale on the television program “Salem”.  Basically, I was born with gifts and taught what most folks would call “wive’s tales”, etc.  Sure, I have taken Wicca 101 and read a ton of books, but nothing has replaced what comes by instinct and heart.

I am pretty heavy into my spirituality, but crochet is my meditation and heartbeat. Creating something from just a string and a hook is like a tiny everyday miracle — at least it is to me.  I love finishing a project and knowing that piece will be a part of someone’s life and I have left my mark on the world. Much like my magic, my craft comes from instinct and heart.

If you wish to know more, I may be able to answer your questions.  Have a look at my first post for a summary of what I think I am doing.  I am making an effort to respect the privacy of my loved ones and associates as I write.  I do not cotton to hate speech, trolling, or any negative energy throwing.  So, if your intent is harm, you are barking up the wrong blog.

If you are hankering to see my face, you can find me in this post from June 2016.


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