No More Waffle House

I signed a petition from Women’s March demanding Waffle House tell the Saraland Police Department to drop all charges against Chikesia Clemons.

On April 22, 2018, after 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons was assaulted by three police officers in a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama. They threw her to the ground, pulling her dress down to expose her breasts. One of the officers choked her and threatened to break her arm.

This was not simply a brutal police beating; it’s sexual abuse. Chikesia was violated, humiliated, and then, like so many Black women before her, arrested and charged for her own assault. This is victim-blaming at its most dangerous. We will not sit quietly while women of color are beaten, violated, and punished for surviving.

Tell Waffle House: Demand the Saraland Police Department drop all charges against Ms. Clemons and offer her a public apology. We are delivering this message in person to the Waffle House Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, June 15. We want to take your name there with us when we do. It’s time to decide: Is violence against women something you will sit back and tolerate? Or will you stand with us to demand #JusticeForChikesia?

Can you join me and take action? Click here:

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Frankly, I don’t see a black woman, I see a woman. This was unnecessary show of force and abusive. I, personally, am sickened by these police officers’ actions.



High School Valedictorian’s Mic Cut When She Talks About Campus Sexual Assault : NPR

This was a missed opportunity to hear and be present for something amazing: truth and reflection.

Censorship breeds ignorance. Take back the mics. Speak your truth in whatever medium moves you.

Movie recommendation: “Pump Up the Volume” starring Christian Slater.


Frontier at Richmond Centre

Tonight’s music by Frontier was a nice mix of rock and soft country.

Got barefoot in the grass.

Looks like fountain is closer to clean.

Snuck video of Dawn practicing rifle.

Nice time with the girls on a beautiful night.


Exercise Daily

Walk with God/dess. [Edited quote from Little Church down the hill’s marquee.]

For the first time in longer than I care to remember, I am experiencing NRE (New Relationship Energy). This week held many surprises, and I am trying to be less giddy so as not to annoy others. I hope they are as happy for me as I am to have found a new person to explore and care for. All very new and unsettling, but in a good way, I believe.

Please enjoy my brief nature meditation video for calm.