Watch “Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG | Decoded | MTV News” on YouTube

Truth can be disturbing and depressing, but please don’t let that stop you from enjoying great food and time with the people you love. Cherish those people as long as you can.



Watch “UUFMC November 5, 2017 Mitch Barrett” on YouTube

Actually Mitch Barrett and Melody Youngblood. It was such a pleasure to have them visit our local UU fellowship. 

Please enjoy this taste of Appalachia. I have loved Mich for years and I am so glad he brought Melody to this side of the continent. I could listen to her sing for days, and I want to sing with her! Awesome hugger.

Let me know your thoughts. 


You lose ground…

When you sling mud.

More words of thoughtfulness and truth from the Methodist church at the bottom of the hill. I have been continually impressed with what they share for public view.

Keep your ground solid beneath you, and if mud is flung at you, grab it and pack it under your feet… eventually you will be the one taking the high road or possibly king of the hill.