The Dead Unicorn Party 

We celebrated Hope’s 10th birthday today. Family and friends had a magnificent time. 

We even slaughtered a patriotic unicorn for shiggles. 

It was a beautiful day.  Happy 4th of July to my American readers.  Last week has been busy with good things, but little time to blog. Loving our Summer break. 

Started on blanket for my newborn God Son Rayne, so I am feeling creative again. Gotta keep weaving my spells of Love. 


Girl and Dragon

Too sweet to not share…

Dawn loving on her wire-wrapped companion.

We are gearing up for the Ren Faire on Saturday. Planning a theme for our garb. It should be lots of fun.  What are some of your summer-only activities? 

I am happy to show that Quin is getting much more comfortable in the water. I am a non-swimmer, so I like seeing them exceed my personal expectations. 

Quin working her way across the pool.

Another beautiful day awaits us. Hoping I can find my bathing suit for a cooling dip and float. 


In memoriam THE Bat

I completely failed to mark the passing of Adam West earlier this month for being all wrapped up in my own activities.  Thankfully, my favorite comic book artist did not fail.


Thanks for this, Bob Q.  See his post HERE.

Only Adam West sticks in my memory as THE Bat.  Many have come after, but his eyes, chin, and voice are the only ones that harken back to a much more innocent time when live action superheroes were allowed to be super corny and still be loved and respected by many generations.