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Perfect Polyamory

Watch “Bald Birds Find Love In Polyamorous Relationship | CUTE AS FLUFF” on YouTube


Watch “Disenchanted Cradle Witch – I am on my Way (made with Spreaker)” on YouTube

This took some finagling to share here. I finally posted it to my podcast so it could be shared via YouTube.

This is a recording of the practice session of the U-band of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Madison County, Kentucky. The final performance should be posted on YouTube sometime in March.

This is probably one of the most challenging vocal leads that I have attempted in front of other people. The lyrics can be chilling or uplifting, depending on what you read into them.

“I am on my Way” is, according to our hymnal, a traditional African American folk song, circa 1750 to 1875.

Enjoy, pass along, and please share your thoughts.


Super Sunday

Been a mostly good day.

Pleased that my weird husband stood up and put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem. Irked at him for totally different reasons.

Weirded out that some one at my fellowship complained to the board president that I have an offensive bumper sticker. It states “I came here for the drinking and the fucking and I am about done drinking.” This has been on my car for over two years… kinda slow on the uptake. I was asked to consider removing it. Instead, I have purchased a First Amendment sticker to put next to it.

Band practice was good and efficient. I will attach mp3 if I can figure out how. Or make a video if I must.

Enjoyed the snippet of tribute to Prince during halftime show; the rest was meh.

Congrats for all the Eagles fans (the football team, not the classic rock band).


Happy Imbolc

Duh. Six weeks til Ostara… Spring Equinox.

Hope you all have been enjoying the energy of the full moon during Imbolc. We celebrated last night with our learning circle.

SKD led main ritual. We had good food, activities, and raised some spirit.

Be well, stay warm. Spring will be here right on time.