Fowler’s Toad

I just discovered that my froggy friend from earlier this week is not a frog at all… It is a toad. Specifically, it is a Fowler’s Toad, and it is still hanging around just outside the back door much to the shigrin of our little dog.

What to name my toad friend?

We will see if it* sticks around. I will have to research lifespan information. This could be a potential new familiar… If I am permitted to touch it.


*not sure how to gender a toad.

Froggy Greetings 

This handsome fellow greeted me when I returned home from a very long and wonderfully happy day. 

Connections with loved ones have been renewed and strengthened.  A blessed holiday weekend and it is not yet over. 

Safe travels and much love to you all. 


Bluegrass and other antics 

Quin had much fun with the other children and the fountain as we made it out for the free music at Richmond Centre. Missed last week, but this holiday weekend is the official start of Summer. 

Quin having a fountain full of fun.

Dawn seems to have found her “Danny Zuko” summer friend. She met T a few years back at the free music and they have loosely kept in touch since the went to different schools, but now they will be going to the same high school in the fall… Thankfully, T is not a greaser. His mom is a hoot and pretty much orchestrated a movie and pizza date (well supervised, of course) for tomorrow afternoon and evening. 

My friend JB met up with the girls and I there and had the joy of watching this teen dating saga with me and saw T’s mom twitch as I told her we were Polyamorous and to expect more than two adults if and when we are invited to visit as a family.  What a day it was and a nice mix of bluegrass stylings by Curt Chapman and friends was a perfect background. 

I was saddened that my phone needed charged, so I didn’t get many pictures and really no quality ones. I look forward to more Friday music adventures this summer. 

Have a safe, but very fun, Memorial Day weekend; and remember this is a time to honor those who gave their lives for our liberties. 


Let faith 

Be stronger than fear. 

I am really appreciating the messages from the marquee at the Methodist Church down the hill. 

Been dealing with much beyond my control; but don’t want to whine about it here, at least not today. However, I felt need to check in with my readership. All is not lost… I will write more soon. 

Let go and let God, as I have heard my entire life.