Happy Earth Day 2018

Sign on little church down the hill, “If God is your co-pilot, trade places.” I love that.

One of my favorites is “Live and let God.”

Hope you are all enjoying this most beautiful day.



Wandering Jew

No, I am not being anti-Semitic…

Pinch gifted by Liz.

Got this starter in dirt yesterday. Keeping it outside in shady corner as long as weather will allow.

In other news, Dawn had oral surgery this morning to remove the roots and starts of her bottom wisdom teeth before they further impact the other teeth. She is resting well and will not be allowed to return to school until Monday.  

It is a beautiful and temperate day on my back porch as I listen to the audio book of Animal Farm by George Orwell courtesy of the public library…  Check out the Overdrive app with library card in hand if you haven’t already. 


Quin feels the Beach

Quin exploring sand, shells, and shark teeth.

Quin has been saying that she wants to go to the beach. I thought a trip to Laurel Lake this summer would be a great way to share a beach and a piece of my childhood with all the girls, maybe Sage, too. In the meantime, after school today, Lady Autumn Mist let Quin see and touch the beach she kept. Quin’s face was glowing. 

After that we attacked the bounty of wild onions across our collective yard.  Treats from Mother Earth, yum! 

This isn’t nearly all of them.

Blessed be this lovely day. 


Blowing Bubbles



Today has been mostly productive.  Quin took a time out to play with the wind spirits.  Now she is hassling me because I am not typing what she wants on my blog… May be nap time.

Hope everyone is enjoying today. Happy early Father’s day to all the Dads in their various shapes and sizes in the world.  Hug your babies as often as you can.