Exercise Daily

Walk with God/dess. [Edited quote from Little Church down the hill’s marquee.]

For the first time in longer than I care to remember, I am experiencing NRE (New Relationship Energy). This week held many surprises, and I am trying to be less giddy so as not to annoy others. I hope they are as happy for me as I am to have found a new person to explore and care for. All very new and unsettling, but in a good way, I believe.

Please enjoy my brief nature meditation video for calm.



Perks of Country Living 

Winter squash, fresh eggs and milk, sweet pickles, apple butter, salsa, and VENISON!

Completely flabbergasted by this grand gift from our closest neighbors. What a wonderful way to start my weekend at the new house. Our oldest and grandson, Liz and Sage, will be in tomorrow. Yay! And I still need to write Ostara ritual for Monday. Chaos is normalizing slowly. 

Now, for your listening pleasure, the song currently stuck in my head:


How to Enjoy the End of the World 

If you haven’t tuned in for “No Tomorrow” either on the CW or Netflix, then pole-ease take a moment. Beautifully casted and well written, a tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic tale that will touch your passion. 

There is my shameless and unsolicited plug for the week. I have been having one challenge after another and NT became my escape program. And frankly, it encouraged me to write this post. I have been neglecting my passions. 

The aphasia is still here. Neuro is still a month away. Drum Circle happened. Great weekend guests helped while I was puking. Yeah, 48-hour stomach virus happened. Missed meetings happened.  Computer not charging happened. And thank all the Powers-that-Be, today was psychotherapy day!

More pondering on my “Center of the Universe” thesis, if I can even call it that. It is a theory for sure, but in what school of thought: philosophy, psychology, neurology, sociology, or theology?  Or, as James Cordon might ponder,  “All of the above?”  It is all so very cart-before-the-horse if I am not even formally in studies and so very moot for I am lazy as hell.  And I should be focusing on Ostara. 

Working daily toward the calming of chaos back to an acceptable level. 

Sleep well. Mahalo.