For my silence, my absence, and my seclusion.  Have a bit of a broken heart on top of snow day blues. My brain has been a harsh companion.

Please be well and warm. I am not gone, just resting.



How a Tuition-Free College Turned Into a Casualty of the Tax Wars – The New York Times


“Democrats’ fanatical opposition to the tax bill reached such hysterical heights that Bernie Sanders proudly led the charge to deliberately harm Berea College, which offers free tuition to less fortunate families,” Mr. McConnell said.

I am agast and in tears today after getting an email from Berea College (where I tried to get educated, long story). Nonetheless, Berea is part of my soul. 

It was bad enough that elderly and disabled people (me again) are in fear of Medicare cuts and changes, but now the next generations of Appalachian movers and shakers may be denied access to the education needed to climb up the ladder to their dreams.

Because of this tax reform bull hockey, every year 16 less students will be admitted to Berea College and other tuition-free institutions. I believe there are currently seven across the country.  So, a guesstimate of 112 potential students (maybe more) will not get an education and continue to live in poverty, thus being a further drain on an already broke and broken “welfare” system. They will never get an opportunity to break the cycle. Wtf? 

I am without clear thought. I really believed Bernie was a good guy, but now those true colors of “just another f’n  politician” are showing. Get an evil clown in the big house and the whole circus falls to ruin. Y’all can’t even put up a facade of hope or joy. Geez, even Obama tried to keep up pretenses.

I am so sad and dishearted, it literally feels like my chest is pulling apart. And, just to wave my self-pity flag a little higher, being a felon, I cannot vote and non-voters are not constituents or even human to politicians. 

When the lines are drawn, it will not be in sand, but across the foothills and mountains. Storms are coming in so many different forms.  You fuck the indigenous peoples, you eliminate the middle class, and you shit on the poor, elderly, and disabled. And you have the gall to believe your pocketbooks and ivory towers will shield you from the storm.

Factions or parties, whatever you wish to call them, just makes people look for the lesser evil. But you political clowns are all evil. I am exhausted. I pray for the children. They deserve so much better.


Mocha Reward

Coffee, peppermint candy, creamer, chocolate syrup, frozen whipped topping, and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Yum.

Have survived another chunk of the holiday season. Today was first day of No School. Tonight is seventh night of Hannukah. Watched all the Santa Clause movies in the last 24 hours.

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We are all poorly cast character actors in a choose-your-own-adventure style sit-dram (situation drama).  Couldn’t even be lucky enough to have landed in a sit-com.  

But we can hope for better choices. Or skilled writers take over before we destroy everything in ignorance and short-sightedness. 

Purple blade of grass. In reverse. It is all about me. I am a blade of grass supporting my solar system. It is all about you, supporting your solar system. We are in the same universe, but probably not the same galaxy. Our peaceful coexistence would be optimal, but each solar system has to look out for number one. It has to be all about them. That is surviving. 

Don’t blame me if your orbit is screwed.


Trying to find a home of our own

I created a CrowdRise fundraising page to attempt having some type of down payment for a home that would allow us more options than the loan I have been pre-approved for at this time.  If anyone knows of any property in the northern part of Madison County, Kentucky, that is rural, turn-key, not a mobile home, and $80k or less, please, please, please send me a message and link to the property.

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Music in the park


Madison Community Band

It was supposed to be a stormy evening, but the weather has held thus far and the band plays on. There are no bad seats when you pack in your own chair.  This is the first Friday we have made it out this summer. And were actually almost on time.  Hope to come every Friday… That is my intention anyway.

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What privacy?

I was honored to attend the Archery Banquet tonight to see Dawn be accepted onto the smaller team that will represent her school at State, National, and World competitions, if they make it that far, and my Honey Bunny given a plaque for his service as Assistant Coach.

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