Merry Diwali

Sand art for the Festival of Lights outside UUFMC

Learned about this festival last Sunday. The art has held up well and I wanted to share. Blessings to all my Hindu readers and may all of us be surrounded by family, light, and love as the days grow colder.



Cover your bases

Happy Jewish New Year! My big poly family is quite diversified, so we celebrate much more than the Pagan holy days. All positive and good things are part of our family faith tradition, regardless of their spiritual roots.

So, eat some apples and honey to assure a prosperous and happy year ahead!


Happy Hanukkah Rice

Tonight we broke out the crazy candles just for fun.

Swirly candles are not easy.

I got news from geneticist that my tests were normal. I have clinical hypermobility but no markers for Ehlers-Danlos or other connective tissue disorders. And I don’t have to go back in February… yay for good news and saving a co-pay.

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Mocha Reward

Coffee, peppermint candy, creamer, chocolate syrup, frozen whipped topping, and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Yum.

Have survived another chunk of the holiday season. Today was first day of No School. Tonight is seventh night of Hannukah. Watched all the Santa Clause movies in the last 24 hours.

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We are all poorly cast character actors in a choose-your-own-adventure style sit-dram (situation drama).  Couldn’t even be lucky enough to have landed in a sit-com.  

But we can hope for better choices. Or skilled writers take over before we destroy everything in ignorance and short-sightedness. 

Purple blade of grass. In reverse. It is all about me. I am a blade of grass supporting my solar system. It is all about you, supporting your solar system. We are in the same universe, but probably not the same galaxy. Our peaceful coexistence would be optimal, but each solar system has to look out for number one. It has to be all about them. That is surviving. 

Don’t blame me if your orbit is screwed.


Here comes the Sun

New Moon Circle (the learning circle I am a part of) celebrated Midsummer (Litha) this afternoon/evening. 

After dinner, we had all hands on deck for creating a Sun Wheel in which we energized with all we wish to manifest into the coming dark half of the Wheel of the Year. 

Quin invoked the Green Man with the cabbage mask she created with the help of L. 

This little fella (a being brought into this world by L.) visited with our motley band and had us all falling in love. (If you want to purchase one, let me know, and I can pass your contact info along.)

Wheel complete and charged in the light of the setting sun with poetry, songs, and joy.  

Welcome Summer! How are you celebrating? 

May the shortening days ahead give you the best of memories and needed respite.