Merry Mabon 2017

Sending love into our world as the Wheel turns to Autumn (in the Northern hemisphere). Happy Ostara to my Southern hemisphere readers and friends.

Lady Lilith led us in our ritual.

Better view of the altar.

How did you observe this Quarter?  Live in peace and joy as we approach the final harvest time and brace ourselves for the trials and celebrations of Winter.



Spring Break Night Out 

Mitch Barrett performing with the dancers.

Had the pleasure of attending EKU Dance Theatre with most of the family. The director is retiring soon and we wanted to make sure to catch this performance. It was amazing, as was to be expected. 

Dawn and Quin got treated to a moment on stage after the show and I grabbed some pictures. Beautiful moments. 

Dawn and Quin dancing.

This has been quite the week leading to today. We finally celebrated Ostara with our learning circle. Quin’s behavior has challenged all the adults and Dawn. I keep wondering where my sweet baby went. A.K. had her VNS implant activated today. Dearest Hubby fell on front porch earlier in the week and very obviously broke his nose. I have twisted my wrist just to add the proverbial insult to injury with my carpal tunnel.  Very challenging times for all, indeed. 

The weather has been blustery at best. I hope this finds you all well, warm, free from pain, and tolerant of moody 5-year-olds.


Affirmation Ritual for Ostara

I wanted to reblog this, but that not being an option, please click link above. I will be using a portion of the introduction before the actual ritual as part of New Moon Circle’s celebration this coming Monday. 

We are planning a potluck and my twist on an affirmation ritual during dinner. There will be egg coloring and candy and other activities, even though I am almost positive Quin will be the only little in attendance. Big people can have Spring fun, too, right?

I will most likely be quiet here until after the holiday. The next few days seem to be full.  Until then…  Love and blessings as the Wheel of the Year keeps on turning. 


Quarter Call

This is what I had put together for drum circle.  Feel free to take this and run with it or use it for your inspirations. I will be using a tweaked version on Monday for Ostara. 

All hail Watchtowers of the East, powers of Air and Intellect. 
Winds blowing clear minds, bringing willingness to grow thru exploration. 

All hail Watchtowers of the South, powers of Fire and Energy. 
Flames transform and strengthen to embrace Will with passion.

All hail Watchtowers of the West, powers of Water and Healing. 
Waves washing away pain and fear to provide clarity and wisdom. 

All hail Watchtowers of the North, powers of Earth and Stability. 
Dirt beneath our feet, giving peace and stillness to be in the moment.


Perks of Country Living 

Winter squash, fresh eggs and milk, sweet pickles, apple butter, salsa, and VENISON!

Completely flabbergasted by this grand gift from our closest neighbors. What a wonderful way to start my weekend at the new house. Our oldest and grandson, Liz and Sage, will be in tomorrow. Yay! And I still need to write Ostara ritual for Monday. Chaos is normalizing slowly. 

Now, for your listening pleasure, the song currently stuck in my head:


How to Enjoy the End of the World 

If you haven’t tuned in for “No Tomorrow” either on the CW or Netflix, then pole-ease take a moment. Beautifully casted and well written, a tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic tale that will touch your passion. 

There is my shameless and unsolicited plug for the week. I have been having one challenge after another and NT became my escape program. And frankly, it encouraged me to write this post. I have been neglecting my passions. 

The aphasia is still here. Neuro is still a month away. Drum Circle happened. Great weekend guests helped while I was puking. Yeah, 48-hour stomach virus happened. Missed meetings happened.  Computer not charging happened. And thank all the Powers-that-Be, today was psychotherapy day!

More pondering on my “Center of the Universe” thesis, if I can even call it that. It is a theory for sure, but in what school of thought: philosophy, psychology, neurology, sociology, or theology?  Or, as James Cordon might ponder,  “All of the above?”  It is all so very cart-before-the-horse if I am not even formally in studies and so very moot for I am lazy as hell.  And I should be focusing on Ostara. 

Working daily toward the calming of chaos back to an acceptable level. 

Sleep well. Mahalo.