Happy Earth Day 2018

Sign on little church down the hill, “If God is your co-pilot, trade places.” I love that.

One of my favorites is “Live and let God.”

Hope you are all enjoying this most beautiful day.



Goats and Anniversary

Hello dear Readers,

I apologize for the long silence. Many reasons, no excuses. I have Ostara stuff to put up eventually for those that would like reference materials. Life has been fairly non-stop since beginning of March.

We finally picked up our lovely Nigerian Dwarf goats today, Butterscotch and Starry. We adopted them from a friend and I am so tickled. And Starry is pregnant! Exciting times.



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Roseanne is back!


I had the best night when my Rosa (Quin) cuddled with me and watched Roseanne’s show pick back up for the next generation.  I always identified with Roseanne and her mental health struggles that have mirrored my own.  I read two of her books in my youth, just devoured them.  A woman that I could really relate to… one of us.

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