#Womens Wave | 01.19.19

As soon as I know the location of my local sister march, I will share it here.

For those who can travel to Washington, see




Merry Diwali

Sand art for the Festival of Lights outside UUFMC

Learned about this festival last Sunday. The art has held up well and I wanted to share. Blessings to all my Hindu readers and may all of us be surrounded by family, light, and love as the days grow colder.


Danville Police: Sex Offender Arrested After Visiting Park While Playing Mobile Game

Who was this man harming? I am sure he just wanted to catch Pokemon or whatever because he was trying to put some joy back into his life.

The law in Kentucky changed again this summer as legislators feel the need to continue to punish sex offenders long after their sentences are completed because of “the list”. It used to be that we just couldn’t reside within 1000 feet of a public playground, now we can’t even use public property because we are no longer considered part of the public.

Now, unfortunately, I have to have permission in writing from whatever government official or agency is in charge of public playgrounds just to take my 7-year-old to the park. This was the first year I could not have her birthday party at the Lake Reba playground that she loves because then Mommy could not be there. I call Bullshit.

And what government entity to I beg permission from? What recourse is there for this man who was just playing a stupid mobile game? Is anyone going to try to stop the constant and flagrant violation of the 8th amendment Constitutional rights for those accused of sexual crimes? (OR was the right to avoid cruel and unusual punishment no longer apply to felons just like the right to vote or hold office and the right to bear arms? Are criminals no longer citizens?) Does anyone care that registered sex offenders are considered violent criminals even if no violence was a part of their actual act of crime just because of the age of their alleged victims?

We are now the United States of Imprisoning Citizens in their homes. May the Lord and Lady help us all.

Vote in November! Know your candidates! Stop the insanity!



Monetizing, sorta…


I am exploring ways I can earn money via performance (writing blog, with video, or podcast) patrons or donations, and ways of collecting the money. I am a latecomer to this concept of earning a living, or at least something for the emergency piggy bank, in this virtual landscape. It doesn’t hurt to try, nonetheless. So, above is the link to my PayPal account for anyone wishing to set up a repeating patron payment or one time donation to my blog becoming bigger, better, and more often. Would like to get a desk with chair and basic equipment to improve overall quality. Also want my own domain name.

Obviously, I am already a celebrity in my own mind. But I enjoy creating and I want to share that with the world. So, it is time to humbly ask for that hand up.

I feel as if life is on a more correct course. I have joined KFTC.org (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth) to stay aware and try to advocate. The laws pertaining to sex offenders change every year and we have to stay informed to keep safe and out of jail.

And I have a new gig as rental coordinator for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Madison County, Kentucky, and letting as many people as I can know that we have meeting, party, and event space available at a very reasonable cost.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if non-profits, crafters, hobbyists, and other active groups used our space for their monthly meeting? Woot! Just spread the word!

Drop your email in the comments below if you would like more info about our space and rates.

Having a silly day… time to make the corn pudding.


Let’s Autumn Together

Days are growing shorter, nights are growing cooler, and the moon is fading into shadow as the darkening season progresses and brings us closer to home, hearth, and the hugs of loved ones.

Here’s hoping you will be able to join us this coming Sunday, October 7th, for potluck and fellowship at 5 PM in the Employment Solutions building located at 1084 Whipple Court off Nandino Boulevard in Lexington.