Remiss in my blogging

My apologies, dear readers. I have been more than a little overwhelmed by life of late.

Wanted to share the new sign in front of the little Methodist church down the hill, “Be a radiant human and shine on others.” I love these words of wisdom and I have been trying to live them over the past month.

Also, wanted to share the first lily of summer in my yard:

Wild and wonderful.

Until next time, party on, dudes, and be excellent to each other.



Happy Beltaine!


Thankful for the Irises.

Some of my irises actually bloomed this year. Their beauty has been my strength this past week.

I am very much absorbing the disconnected grief I am feeling at the loss of my dear friend’s son. I will be putting together a Wiccan service for his passing. All suggestions appreciated. I have never had to conduct an end of life ceremony in any path.

Did start a scarf for, but it is slow going. My hands work sometimes.

Hope this finds you well. Mahalo.

Quine Shrine in Aberdeen Hexes the Patriarchy

“We are the granddaughters. All of the witches you were never able to burn.”


44857080_1989086531171954_2851914217903095808_nCarrie Reichardt who declared in her artist statement, ”I AM AN ARTIST YOUR RULES DON’T APPLY” (see , seeks to use her work as visual activism. Staying true to her ”anarcho-craftivist” reputation, her contribution to this year’ Nuart Festival, titled Gallus Quines & Deeds not Words, is two tile- mosaic murals that comment on Aberdeen’s and Aberdeenshire’s history of witch purging, and celebrate women, both past and present, who have contributed to female empowerment.


The work is located on St. Nicholas Ln which is not in a residential area but rather a comercial one – intersecting Correction Wynd, a path used as a pedestrian shortcut that used to have poorhouses. Tucked into the granite moulds that were once large windows facing out onto the street, sealed over mostly likely as a result of the window tax, the tile murals fit right into the street. Reichardt has…

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Want a new look?

Get a faith lift.

[Words of wisdom from the little Methodist church down the hill.]

Got my first infusion of Inflectra today. Only had to be poked twice and, other than a tornado drill in the middle of it, pretty uneventful. That tornado drill was surreal.

Praying that I start to heal. I am lifting my faith to science and modern medicine for a bit of quality of life.

In other news, I am hoping I am not going to have a legal battle to be an observer at my child’s school for plays and such. I am too emotionally tired, but I know there will be a showdown sooner rather than later.

More prayers.