Breonna Taylor

Say her name.

Oprah, you continue to be an inspiration to people all over the globe. Thank you for shining light on this tragedy of a life cut short in its prime.

Kentucky will never forget Breonna Taylor, her life, and her death.


Episode 10: Shane, ‘We’re All Doing Time’ — Penned Podcast

This is the first of two interviews with one of my closest school friends. I found it heartening that he and I still see the world very much the same after more than 2 decades of separation.


Took some time to process


Saturday a week ago, my family and I faced the heat, sun, and Covid-19 risks to stand up with fellow Richmonders and others for a Black Lives Matter march in our home town [which was organized by a handful of local high school students]. Here are a few pictures of our humble and peaceful gathering.

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See you Saturday

There will be a peaceful protest on Saturday at 1:00.  Meet at the Richmond library, march to the courthouse.  There will be several speakers, including Mayor Blythe.  Masks and social distancing are encouraged. The Richmond Police Department will be present and participating in the event.


21 years

I don’t know where any pictures are, if they still exist.  But I remember her cherub cheeks and auburn hair, her white dress with purple ribbons, and the yellow roses hung on the door to my hospital room.  I will never forget holding her body.  I didn’t go to the cemetery today because it is over an hour drive one way and I was afraid of having to stop for gas or pee breaks in a public place.  But as soon as I feel safe to make the trip, I owe a long overdue visit to her and my adopted parents.  Today has been a shit-show, pretty much reflective of all the crap choices in my life.  I wanted it to be better.  I wanted it to be special.  But that can’t happen here.  I pray that next year it will be safe to go out for Chinese food.  I will put candles on the little coffee cakes they serve.

I can only hope that her spirit is playing in the fields of the Summerlands with fairies and bunnies and all the beautiful things.  She deserves beauty.  She deserves to be held in the arms of the Lord and Lady until we can all be together again.  I hope my folks are there too, keeping her out of trouble.

Happy 21st Birthday, Viviane Morningstar Waters.  Your Mommy and Daddy and siblings love you very much.


Making Beltane up as we go… 2020


Our first year in many that there was no maypole for Beltane.  This is the first holiday I have truly mourned during this pandemic [quarantine day 48].  So, we have been making it up as we go today.  A good meal, a little connection to Spirit, honoring of Fire, sharing and learning of chants.

Quin’s favorite chant seems to be “Earth my body.”  I sent her the soft copy of my chant sheet to do some independent studies.  We so enjoyed the tiny, beautiful baelfire provided by Dawn and dear Hubby.  And our dinner was Quiche a la Beltane courtesy of A.K. (seen above), made from our goat meat and yummy farm fresh eggs (that were gifted to us this past week).  Blessings come even in the darkest hours.

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One for the history books

At 4:20 p.m., on the 20th day of the 4th month of the year 2020 CE, I had just finished discussing with my teenager the fact that school will not meet in person for the remainder of the school year. We still have to do the NTI work to finish out the year. There will still be a graduation, eventually.

There was an audible cracking of the space-time continuum as history was written. We are now pioneering a new path to a completely different future.


Only in Darkness

Can we see the stars.

[Wise words from the marquee of the little Methodist church down the hill.]

I hope this finds you safe and well. Persevere… there will be an end in time. Much love and many germ-free hugs to you all.