Is Pluto a Planet? New Paper Says Pluto May Be a Planet After All – Thrillist

Keeping my fingers crossed for Pluto.



Cover your bases

Happy Jewish New Year! My big poly family is quite diversified, so we celebrate much more than the Pagan holy days. All positive and good things are part of our family faith tradition, regardless of their spiritual roots.

So, eat some apples and honey to assure a prosperous and happy year ahead!


Registered Sex Offenders need jobs, too.

‘The Predator’: Scene cut from reboot after Twentieth Century Fox learns actor is registered sex offender – The Washington Post

This is the most ridiculous story I have seen of late.

I agree that his status should have been known before being hired. But I also think, since the director did know his friend’s registry status, people need to stfu and let the man make a paycheck.

Why do criminals end up back in jail? Because they can’t get work and break laws to feed family or feed addictions because the “free world” isn’t free or easy.

And poo poo on the director for throwing his alleged friend under the proverbial bus by back pedaling his story to, “oh, i didn’t know the details.” Really?

So, Olivia Munn, who was not harmed in any way by being in a scene (a not naked scene) with a man who has done time for his crime and needs a damn job, has put herself on a pedistool because #metoo and other hashtag bandwagons have created a victim culture in entertainment and society at large. Good job, Ms. Munn, for accentuating the negative and forever marring the history of what should have been an awesome scifi reboot. He did not harm you or any of his coworkers and has not had any incidents since his original conviction. Human beings make mistakes and still have to make a living.

Yes, I’m furious. #metoo was meant to be positive and supportive and a chance to relate to others in building a better world. But convicted sex offenders who have served their time and are compliant with registry laws are not the scary people. They just want to be allowed to have a life after conviction and be the best people they can be. This man did not deserve to be called out and publically shamed and lose a paying job almost 8 years after he served his time. What gives you the right to judge him after a real judge has already passed sentence?! Where is your law degree or psychology degree, Olivia Munn? What qualifies you to be persecutor of those already punished? I’m outraged by your flippant high horse behaviour and victim stancing. And embarassed for this man you yanked the carpet out from under. Shame on you, Ms. Munn, shame on you.

My heart is just breaking and I’m no longer sure I want to see this film and put money in the pockets of such flakey people and false friends. I suggest bootlegging it if seeing the predator story is important to you, dear reader, and keep the money in your pocket.