Merry Mabon 2021

We are at the end of full moon energy and have had a cold overcast day. Time to bring my plants inside.

I love Autumn and hope it can keep my spirits lifted. I miss Dawn off at college and Quin has been showing her soon-to-be pre-teen butt. Life keeps moving ever forward.

In the waning light of this moon, be sure to start removing unhealthy or unneeded items, habits, or people from your life. I am happy to say that this time last month, dear hubby gave up cigarettes, and so far, has been successful in his endeavor to live a little bit longer.

I hope you all have been well and happy in your own ways. I have been working on OnlyFans to fill in some gaps in needed income. So far, so good. 🤞 I have met some wonderful people there [and some stinkers, too] and have made a few more witchy friends.

I guess I am as happy as I can be. Lots of physical pain, but that is inevitable. Take care of yourselves and each other. And enjoy some classic seasonal music:


Ever upward

Today, my dear hubby and I escorted Dawn as she moved to university campus. I wanted to cry, and a few tears did escape, but not that I let her see. Pride is a powerful emotion. Maybe it cometh before a fall, or maybe only after you have scraped up your knees and hands climbing just to be at the beginning of your journey.

May the Lord and Lady watch over Dawn as she journeys ever upward.


August has been challenging

Not early enough to see the Morning Glory blooms open.

Last weekend, I was scammed via telephone by someone impersonating a police officer working for the Sex Offender Registry.  He successfully played on my fears of going back to jail and my family was scared as well. So, long story short, I may have permanently lost $750. I have filed dispute with gift card company, but that guarantees nothing.

These people are targeting sex offenders and using fear to scam and humiliate them. It works. It worked too well. I am shocked and embarrassed still that I never saw the red flags because I was drowned in fear.

859-320-0488 is the number to look out for. It may only be one of several numbers. I’m embarrassed and ashamed to have been duped. It proves how real the PTSD from my experience with the judicial and corrections departments is, even years after my probation ended.

Sex Offender Registries do not protect anyone. They only show you who has been caught and if they are compliant. But it also lists your full name and home address and leaves you vulnerable to a lifetime of abuses that you may or may not have earned. It is punishment above and beyond any other crime, including every form of murder. And it never ends. What was meant to protect has become a weapon.

Now, my soapbox is tucked away. Thank you for sticking with me, dear readers. The battles for mental health are neverending. Stay safe and well, and love one another.


Summer has passed and child heading to University

I can’t believe how quickly this spring and summer has gone by. All my days tend to run together and it hasn’t felt like the break from the mundane that summer should be. Maybe it just doesn’t matter anymore. I am sure the children have been bored outside of screentime. No pools or games, no parties, too much heat, and days filled with rain. The bugs have been extra as well. Ah, don’t mind me, I am in a weird and depressed headspace.

More importantly, I wanted to happily share with you that Dawn has successfully graduated from high school and is on her way to University in just a few weeks. Scholarships, grants, and loans have all been applied for, yet $1,300 balance remains out-of-pocket for her freshman year.

Dawn has asked me to share her Amazon wishlist of necessities for school [computer is want, not need]. The list can be found here:

And anyone who is able to contribute any amount to offset that $1,300, it would truly be appreciated. Dawn has Venmo app, her account there is “@Freedom-Waters”. She can accept Zelle, which I think is her phone number or email, but I don’t want to list them here. Reach out to me if you wish to use Zelle. I, also, have paypal thru email; just put “school” or “college” in the note section. If you use something different to move monies around, just contact me, I may already have it set up and just haven’t thought of it.

I believe Dawn is going to love being there and succeed at University. Electronic Media and Broadcasting is her chosen major. She is more like me than I care to admit, but will go so much farther than I could have dreamed for myself. I want all my children to have their best life and escape my shadow. Not all Moms are easy to live with and I know I have been challenging at times. But I am proud and so full of love.

I can’t promise that I will do any better about keeping up my blog, but I will check in from time to time as long as I am able. And I will definite post updates on Dawn as I can.

Much love and many blessings to you all as we quickly head toward Lughnasadh and the beginning of the new school year. Hope will be in high school and Quin is starting 4th grade. How the time has passed!


22 years

Missing my angel baby, Viviane, and so thankful for my rainbow children. It has been a good day, even with a bit of the blues.