Witch Powers

A.K. and I have a running joke about “witch powers” because of a series of stories she read where the author chose to state the heroine used her “witch powers” to accomplish her goal rather than being creative enough to explain what and how she did what she did. What exactly were her witch powers and how did she apply them?  Frustrating for any reader, but more so if you are a magical or magickal practitioner. 

So, I have been pondering today. What are my witch powers, a disenchanted crafting cradle witch? What category do I fill were I to have need to explain myself to others?

Here are my thoughts…

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Support Band Boosters!

Blatant plug… If you shop at Kroger and use the Kroger customer rewards card, please consider supporting Madison Central Band Boosters.  Dawn and all her buddies would really appreciate that.

If you don’t know how, here is a little tutorial on signing up to support your favorite charity (or band boosters):

First, go to www.kroger.com and sign into your account or create one if you haven’t already.

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Happy Lammas 

Just wanted to share greetings today. So very tired and feeling it all over. 

Country Cruisin’ with my Pop.

It was quite the adventurous weekend, as you can see above.  Shared a wonderful Lammas celebration with my learning circle. 

Miss P’s beautiful harvest altar.

Hope this finds you well and I hope to resume a more predictable writing schedule in the coming weeks. 


Peaches in moonlight 

There is something Nature knows that we haven’t quite figured out…

It is the time of year again to gather some fruit and enjoy the sweetness with the ones we love.

We can be very different individuals, but still come from the same tree. And different trees can live together with very little drama.  Go look at a patch of woods or an orchard… What lessons do you see there?